Mohawk Unfiltered Lager

Everyone knows that lager tastes completely different than ale. And many know that it depends on jäsmetoden that provides a cleaner taste with more emphasis on raw materials. But need it really be that much difference in taste?

Mohawk UNFILTERED Stock is basically made ​​as a German Wieneröl. It has got a medium bitterness of German hop varieties. But finally, the beer is brewed in the same way as American Pale Ale. Large amounts of U.S. and NZ hops are used for aroma, and even more have been added in the storage tanks. This gives the beer a big, fruity and floral hop aroma with emphasis on citrus and tropical fruit. Just as modern ales from microbreweries America.

Finally, the beer is bottled up on the bottle without being filtered. It preserves hop flavor and mouthfeel, gives a more fruity taste and aroma. The beer may look hazy out, but if you let the beer stand for a while so the yeast settles to the bottom of the bottle. It is a matter of taste if you choose to have yeast in the beer when you drink it.

This summer edition has been produced at the Castle Brewery source. It has a slightly less bitter than the standard version and more emphasis on citrus than tropical fruit. A slightly lower alcohol content makes the beer felt light and healthy, just like you would a hot summer day.

Ale or stock? Why let technology decide. It’s the taste that counts.

Abv. 4.9% vol.

32 IBU

The liquor store # 11426 18.90 kr