Mohawk Respirator

Beer type: Double Bock, Bocköl
Alcohol content: 7.9%
IBU: 36
Quantity / package: 24 x 330ml, 30L barrel.
Brewery: The Proefbrouwerij


Available only restaurant range.

Each year, in conjunction with St. Joseph’s Day on 19 March and until Easter, celebrated ”Starkbierzeit” Strong beer season in Munich. As during the Oktoberfest beer served in big tents around the city, but with the difference that the beer is between 6-9% and it is full of full of tourists.

Bocköl originated in the city of Einbeck, and is a strong and malty lagers, usually dark but there is light variations. Ölstilen became popular in southern Germany and was first called ”Einpockish Bier” but later shortened to Bock Bier. It was Augustinermunkarna who made ​​a stronger variant to close them during Lent. It was called Salvator – Saviour, and gave rise to the tradition of naming beers in this style, Double Bock, with the suffix-ator.

That makes beer more balanced and not so sweet. A beer that keeps you alive – just like the name says.

Mohawk Respirator (pdf)

Mohawk ventilation tap sign (pdf)