Black Rocket Porter

Type of beer: Porter

Year built: 2011

Alcohol content: 5.5%

Quantity / package: 20 x 500ml



B * RP is a modern interpretation of the historic type of beer porter. Porter is traditionally a dark roasted beer with rich body, sweetness of caramel malt and smells of chocolate, liquorice or sometimes coffee. B * RP’s brew to mimic the kind of beer that you can find on modern brewery pubs in the western United States, especially California. Originally, the recipe is a large, aromatic hops and red American Amber Ale. Stefan wondered what would happen if you kept the same round maltighet and hop aromatic notes of citrus and exotic fruit, but adding chocolate and coffee tones. The result was B * RP. B * RP’s brew of malt varieties Pilsner, Munchener, Biscuit, Melanoidin, light and dark caramel and chocolate and black malts. Hops centers is Columbus, Saaz and Amarillo, where the last contributes aromas of pineapple and citrus, and the classic Czech Saazhumlen used to give the beer style and interweaving flavors and fragrances to give harmony.

The result is a beer with a lot of flavor and aroma that is perceived simultaneously harmonious and healthy.