Our beer

  • Mohawk Citra Pale Ale

    This beer is packed with great aromas and flavors. The glas is filled with tropical fruit and citrus. Pleasant mouthfeel with a mild attack that leaves a long pleasant bittersweet finish.Complements most meals to their liking.

  • Mohawk Anything Gose

    A German-style sour, brewed with sea salt, coriander and cascade hops. The brewer has taken on a unique style of german beer. Coriander, lactobacteria and salted water are three of the ingredients. Low alcohol with lots of flavor. With a pronounced str

  • Mohawk Banyuls Blizzard Grand Cru 2014

    This tasty vintage porter is brewed with a complex base of malt, cane sugar and honey. The traditional hoppy flavors has received a modern American touch. For six months stored on barrels from Banyuls which gives the beer aromas similar to port and oth

  • Mohawk Imperial Brown Stout Export 1937

    Despite the name this beer is definitely black. A smooth beer with round flavors of dark chocolate, licorice, fudge, spices and coffee. with a balanced finish. The recipe has its roots in London during the late 1700s, but this version of the recipe is

  • Mohawk Blizzard

    An extreme beer, brewed with ten malts, dark cane sugar, honey and eight different varieties of hops. Complex, balanced and elegant. Drink now or save a few bottles for next Christmas and experience how the layered tones of fortified wine and nuts adds

  • Mohawk Unfiltered

    Mohawk Unfiltered Lager is basically made as an German Wienerbeer. The beer have medium bitterness of german hops and large quantities of flavors from American and New Zealand hops . This gives the beer charecteristics of tropical fruit, citrus and flo

  • Mohawk Snowmelter

    It’s called Snowmelter. But might as well be called a Imperial Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Coffee Stout. This beer is a cousy beverage to enjoy alone, maybe with a bit of dark chocolate on the side. Serve chilled in a wine glass or a brandy glass. A beer to

  • Mohawk Double Barrel Aged Blizzard

    We took our seasonal Blizzard – an Imperial Porter with complex maltbase and modern hop – and hid it in wooden barrels that previously contained Jack Daniels and Heaven Hill bourbon. Then the beer aged four months in a large storage. The result is Doub

  • Mohawk Extra IPA

    Mohawk Extra IPA is a beautiful beer  with perfect bitterness, balance and complexity.  Different flavors of tropical fruit and malts makes this beer very drinkable.

  • Mohawk Cuvée Grand Cru

    Mohawk Cuvée Grand Cru is a dark belgian ale aged in oak barrels. During the second fermentation both cherry and raspberry is added to the beaverage and to top it of- three strains of Brettanomyces. Crazy, complex and very good.

  • Mohawk Belgian Grand Cru

    A Quadrupel with creamy malt and soft vanilla sweetness. Smooth with integrated alcohol and yeasty spicy notes. In a way very similiar to dark rum. This is beer can be stored in your cellar for ages. Brewed with Pilsner malt, Biscuit, Crystal, Special

  • Whiteout Stout

    Whiteout Stout is a very powerful stout suitable both for storage or to be enjoyed during the autumn and winter season. The beer has been brewed with nine different malt, honey and cane sugar. Its brewed with english, german and american hops.

  • Mohawk American Barley Wine

    “Go big or go home”. Americans are known to make everything a bit bigger than others. But when it comes to Barleywine they usually do a some what weaker beer than Europe. So when Mohawk Brewing brewed an American Barleywine we decided to change that an

  • Mohawk Brown is The New Brown

    Mohawk Brown is the new Brown is a dark ale with soft caramel sweetness and hints of dark chocolate and coffee. In a typical west coast style the beer is brewed with generous amounts of american hops that  balance the malty parts to perfection.

  • Mohawk IPA

    Mohawk India Pale Ale is a flavorful ale with a distinct hop character. A soft base of malt balances the selected bitterness and the beer has been dry-hopped after the fermentationprocess to produce a fruity and floral profile with aromas of pine needl

  • Mohawk Double Rocket

    Jack in heaven

    Double Rocket is an odd and fantastic beer which basically is a mixture of double IPA and Imperial Stout. Fermented with champagne yeast and packed with sugar until the yeast is dead. Then stored on barrels of Jack Daniels and Heaven Hill.

  • Mohawk Black Rocket Porter

    Black Rocket Porter is a rich and flavorful beer inspired by the west coast of America. Beautifully hopped with hints of coffee, chocolate and licorice.

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