Camden vs Mohawk. Tap takeover!

Nu på torsdag firas att svensk-engelsk ölmagi har skapats. Mohawk kör en tap takeover på Camdenbryggeriet i London och Stefan är självklart på plats. Har ni vägarna förbi så är det bara att dyka upp och avnjuta 7-8 olika sorters Mohawkbrygder eller Cam …


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 Redo för anstormning! #mohawkbrewing  En ofiltrerade lager av hög klass. #mohawkbrewing #unfiltered #lager
 Here be beerpouring! #mohawkbrewing  Sista solen kräver en härlig dos brett och ekfat. #mohawkbrewing #ale #brettanomyces #belgianale
 Oh look, it's our Alex Troncoso & #MohawkBrewing's Stefan Gustavsson squaring up to each other on the cover of Wicked News. Either that or they're about to kiss.  Ett litet axplock av aktuella öl samt gamla godingar. #mohawkbrewing #öl #beer
 Review 162 - Blizzard Winter Edition 2013 - Mohawk Brewing / Brewed at De Proufbrouwerij - Imperial Porter - ABV 9.7% - What do we have here? It's a miracle!! I found a brew that is stored almost a year in my stash. That's insane by my standards, the average storage time for me is more like... a week. OK, the truth is that I got it from a friend, so, go figure. But I had this one when it was released last year, and I remember I liked it a lot then. So, after 1 year in storage it should be even better right? This baby is brewed with dark cane sugar and honey so it should be a bit sweet, but I think the storage time has taken the sweetness down a bit. Aroma is roasted malts, chocolate, hops with a hint of vanilla. Taste is really good, it's not as sweet as I remember it and the bitterness is more pleasant and the brew itself is much more smooth. Coffee, chocolate with a tad of citrus, liquorice blended with a sweet touch and it packs a little alcohol heat in the end. Really good! Now, if I only had a few more of these babies for the coming winter. 8.3/10 (Pic taken over at @i_am_interior_ ) #mohawkbrewingcompany #mohawkbrewing #blizzard #blizzardwinter2013 #deproefbrouwerij #wickedwine #swedishcraftbeer #swcb #craftbeerporn #craftbeerjunkie #beerporn #beergasm #hophead #instabeerofficial #instabeer #hopops #beersnob #beersofinstagram #craftbeer #awesomebeer #beerpics #thebeernation #hopmaestro  Nu kör vi! Mohawk Brewing. #mohawkbrewing #IPA

Mohawk Brewing

Mohawk Brewing Company grundades 2010 av Stefan Gustavsson och Wicked Wine. Recepten skapas av vår brygggare Stefan Gustavsson, och ölen distribueras via AB Wicked Wine Sweden. Mohawk Brewing vill utveckla den svenska ölkulturen genom att brygga ovanli …

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